This is the story of a very special journey - the climb up a pulsating mountain with its abysses of light and shadow ... a pathway along dreams and premonitions. The author is playing for high stakes: this is a highly ambitious, powerful, and original novel, which dazzles the reader at each of its unforeseeable turns of plot.

The protagonist undertaking this journey is a woman named Giulia. Thanks to her talks with a young man named Marco about everything that takes place in her life, we come to know all there is to know about her ... whereas about Marco we are told almost nothing. We are told that Giulia has fled to the city from the country - "an endless plain, pounded by the wind in winter and baked by the sun in summer" - where as a child she knew only misery and poverty. She has only her sense of hope and her dream visions to guide her in her search for a better life.

She meets with and triumphs over many obstacles, grows with experience, acquires values, takes a fall or two, picks herself back up, goes on to achieve success, and finally finds love and is loved in return. Then suddenly one day, she encounters the dark shadow of death; her husband Alfredo falls seriously ill and can only be saved with a highly risky and difficult transplant operation. Giulia is transformed by this terrible news; she becomes the all-courageous woman who fights tenaciously and tooth-and-nail for her man's life.

She begins spending night and day at the hospital, trying to get as close as she can to the surgeons who can save her husband; she witnesses transplant operations, tries to comfort anguished mothers, and participates in the patients' return to life. Yet as she watches in awe the expert hands of the surgeons at work on their patients, she is at the same time aware of the truly Divine hand and how God is carrying out his eternal design. "A transplant", she realizes, "is the mystery of a life-giving death."

Giulia's spiritual voyage would be impossible to fathom were it not for the virtual presence of the other main protagonist, Marco. Hand in hand with this gentle and extraordinary, mysterious and down-to-earth young man, Giulia safely ascends the path running alongside one deep abyss after the next on the mountain of light.

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